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My Name is David Skelton a.k.a. Dangerous Dave Team Manager.

Servin' It Up Australia started late 2006 after founder of Darius
Khashabi (World renowned stunt rider & creator of the famous "Servin' it up"collection
of extreme DVDs) gave me the opportunity to start up the down under team Servin It Up

It all began back in 2003 when I was riding under the name FTP (Full Throttle Productions)
with Gavin Brennan that was filming extreme sports with Helmet cams. After performing at Eastern Creek
raceway with Rob Jones (Aussie stunt rider) for a film clip I got introduced to a Irish fellow who had some
great ideas about having a stunt competition with International riders. Soon after that my name appeared in
magazines and the first International Moto Freestyle was born. Top riders from U.S.A. came out to Australia to
run a 3 state comp in the month of May 2004. The competition was a great success for the Australian stunt riding
scene with The Top American Riders showing us in real life how to really ride a streetbike. Darius Khashabi won first
place in Moto freestyle and not only did I benefit from having skills and bike set up passed along, a friendship developed
with Darius which won his trust and enabled me to use the world famous name" Servin It Up".

Since 2004 the Australian stunt riding scene has really developed and I figure that Moto Freestyle had a huge part in its
making! A stunt riding forum evolved that gave the opportunity for Australian stunt riders to meet and
chat about their new sport and has been growing with members for the past 5 years. Anyway, since 2004 I have been
passionate about stunt riding and was able to have Motorcycling Australia affiliate it as a sport. In 2006 I was able to get
Darius out for another event Moto Mayhem, an M.A. endorsed stunt riding competition at Oran Park Raceway. This was the
first time Servin it Up Australia rode as a team with Darius flying this time the Aussie Flag. These days Servin It Up Australia do weekly shows at Western Sydney International Raceway and many charity events tthroughout the year for M.S Society, M.D, Camp Quality & Rotary Servin It Up Australia are available for Hire and Sponsorship opportunities.

Servin It Up have featured on Australian Super Bikes series having a stand alone segment showcasing 60 secs of air time including the
V8 Touring Cars series in 2007 that was filmed by A.V.E and Gavin Brennan for television fox8, speedweek, SBS. FSF (firestorm Films)
capture our Video and upload very cleverly edited stunt bike footage to myspace & youtube that will give sponsors the exposure they
seek! Servin it up Australia have been sponsored by leading names such as Hornee jeans and appeared on the big screen & channel 10
while 2008 Moto GP was televised. We feature in a leading magazine 50's Brotherhood with a full page spread every issue and with
heaps of events during 2009 hopefully you will see us in action near you.

So from Darius Khashabi & David Skelton - Thank you from Servin It Up Australia
WSID 16 & 23 June 2010
WSID - Eastern Creek NSW
Race For Real - Legal Drag Racing & Burnout. - See details
WSID 20 June 2010
Track Championship Series #6
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WSID 31 August 2010
WSID - Eastern Creek NSW
Australian Nitro Funny Car Gold Cup And Tcs #1. - See details
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Dangerous Dave Skelton "Dangerous" Dave Skelton
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