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Freestyle Streetbike Stunts are a combination of different riding skills that can be
performed in a small area at your next event!
The stunts performed are mainly different styles of wheelie combinations as the athletes
monovoure over the streetbike whilst riding on the rear wheel . eg High chair wheelies,
Spreader, Seat Stander and Circle Wheelies.  Some riders prefer to ride on the front wheel; this
trick is called a "Nose Wheelie" or "Stoppie". There are several ways to burnout a back tyre and
riders performing a burnout normally try to make it as entertaining as possible by showing balance
whilst doing static and circle burnouts without touching the ground. That's just some of the riding style
you will see at a Servin It Up Stunt Show. Servin It Up Australia are fully Insured and in the past 5 years
haven't had a accident involving spectators. Every Servin It Up show uses Barriers to protect spectators
and Normally a area of 30 square metres is sufficient area size. Riders performing in a small area have to
ride tight and close and this can be a very visual experience as some stunts are fast paced.
So please feel free to browse our videos to get a better understanding of Freestyle Stunt Riding and please do
not hesitate to contact us for any questions you may have regarding your next event!
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