Team Riders
Dave Skelton - "Dangerous Dave" David Skelton
a.k.a "Dangerous Dave"
  Mark Peschel - "PESH" Mark Peschel
a.k.a "Pesh"
Matthew Debsia - "ITZMATTY" Mathew Debsia
a.k.a "Itzmatty"
  Adam Kanngieser - "Kanga" Adam Kanngieser
a.k.a "Kanga"
Ben Nelson - "Nelso" Ben Nelson
a.k.a "Nelso"
  Dave McKeena Dave McKeena
a.k.a "D-Stunts"
Dave Skelton - "Dangerous Dave" Summernats '10      
Dave Skelton - "Dangerous Dave" Hooters Girls      
WSID 16 & 23 June 2010
WSID - Eastern Creek NSW
Race For Real - Legal Drag Racing & Burnout. - See details
WSID 20 June 2010
Track Championship Series #6
See details
WSID 31 August 2010
WSID - Eastern Creek NSW
Australian Nitro Funny Car Gold Cup And Tcs #1. - See details
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Dangerous Dave Skelton "Dangerous" Dave Skelton
Team Manager
See Profile
Mark "Pesh" Peschel Mark "PESH" Peschel
Made of rubber
See Profile
Kanga Kanga
The Fireball
See Profile

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